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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 19, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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the campaign trail in both parties buzzing today. not about something said by one candidate but by something not said. this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. conservatives today have gathered in the south's first primary state to hear from many of the republican candidates at a presidential forum. however, one contender is noticeably a no-show. donald trump's campaign said the billionary had to deal with a pressing business issue on new york. on the campaign trail both parties are reacting to a trump town hall in new hampshire thursday night. we have fox team coverage on the
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current state of the gop race. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports on the heighteneded scrutiny over carly fiorina's business career. but first senior political correspondent mike emanuel is in south carolina where candidates are making their pitch to voters. good evening, mike. >> reporter: well, bret, good evening. there were supposed to be 11 republican candidates here but donald trump backed out today claiming a business conflict. here's a sample of some of the early speakers making their pitch to south carolina voters. >> if you had to pick the one thing, and i hope you guys support this because south carolina the most veteran-friendly state other than maybe florida. i hope that you would say that we need to support our veterans and support our military and support -- >> i guess the best birthday present is, i heard donald trump had dropped out. [ laughter ] oh, wait a minute. that was just for today. >> they issued death threats against me and against my family. they issued threats. we didn't back down. they tried to recall me in the
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re-election. we didn't back down. >> even though he isn't here with the other candidates in south carolina, donald trump has again dominated the news cycle. controversy erupted at a town hall event in new hampshire last evening when a supporter made this claim about president obama's heritage and faith. >> we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need a question. >> but anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. that's my question. when can we get rid of them? >> we're going to be looking at a lot of different things. >> >> reporter: this morning trump issued a statement saying "the media wants to make this issue about obama. the bigger issue is that obama is waging a war against christians in this country. christians need support in this country. their religious liberty is at stake." new jersey governor chris
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christie didn't rip trump but said he would have handled it different. >> i he's got to decide what he should do for himself. i'll tell you if somebody at one of my town hall meetings said something like that i would correct them and say no, the president is a christian and he was born in this country. those two things are self-evident. >> reporter: democrats passed with hillary clinton taking this swipe in new hampshire. >> i would call on him and call on all of the candidates to stop this descent into the kind of hateful, peen-spirited divisive rhetoric we have seen too much of. >> reporter: on the campaign trail in iowa, south carolina senator lindsey graham said trump, who had been among those in 2011 demanding mr. obama make his birth certificate public, must take action now. >> i think it would be a disaster for the republican party to nominate him unless he comes forward and says, i no longer believe that president obama was born in kenya. i have no doubt. i believe he was born in hawaii. for mr. trump to reject the proposition of the man's question about muslims.
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>> reporter: some have suggested the way trump handled the situation reflects a lack of political experience. back in 2008, john mccain, a more experienced candidate, shot down a voter who made a similar comment in a town hall. bret? >> mike emanuel in south carolina, thanks. now that america has gotten to know her name, carly fiorina is working to capitalize on that. but with name recognition and attention come new questions about her business background. chief washington correspondent james rosen at fiorina's resume'. >> those are the statistics carly fiorina cites most often about her record as ceo of hewlett-packard, the business machine company she led from mid 1999 to early 2005 when a nasty battle with the board of directors ended in fiorina's being fired. fact and fortune magazine have each found that the candidate's numbers depend on the use of different time frames for different statistics,
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and that inconvenient facts are omitted. >> we believe we have received sufficient votes to approve hp's merger with compaq computer corporation. >> reporter: fiorina's big play at hp, largely known for printers, was acquiring the computer firm compaq that's what doubled revenue and quad ruaudr cash flow. but the value of hp stock shares plunged nearly in half. senator barbara boxer's ad makers hit these themes hard when the california democrat handily defeated fiorina in 2010. >> as the ceo of hp, carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. >> reporter: today fiorina's rivals are using the same play book. >> the company is a disaster and continues to be a disaster. that's because she bought compaq. it was a terrible deal. and it really led to the destruction of the company. >> i led hue let a.
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>> reporter: fortune reports that some rival firms, weathered the bursting of the tech bubble much better with ibm posting more sales growth averages and shedding less in stock value. like-wise, dell shaw its shares rise by double digits during fiorina's tenure at hp and shares of lexmark soared by nearly 30%. >> would you have done anything differently? >> not really. that's not to say that i was perfect. i'm not. we all make mistakes. but the big things i got right. the big things about the fact that you can only grow if you innovate, particularly as a technology company. >> reporter: despite fiorina's acrimonious exit from hp, earnings improved dramatically in the year that followed, for which fiorina deserves more credit than she receives. hers was a rocky tenure in a volatile period. awn qualified success it was not. >> james, thank you. more on this with the panel. make sure to tune into "fox news sunday" this weekend for an excludive interview with carly
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fiorina. check your local listings. on the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton both hosts events today with different-sized crowds and different levels of enthusiasm. chief white house correspondent ed henry traveling with the clinton campaign tonight on the numbers game. >> reporter: as hillary clinton's poll numbers continue to sink here in new hampshire, the light's going out at a town hall meeting was not the best image. electricity was rested before clinton walked into the gymnasium. though other kinds of energy and enthusiasm seemed to be in short supply for the campaign as these photos reveal, which is why clinton today went out of her way to highlight the fact that there were no empty seats at the university of new hampshire. >> what clinton did not mention it was a relatively small room. the local fire chief said there were about 350 people. meanwhile, her chief rival, democratic socialist senator bernie sanders, is coming to the very same campus in new hampshire on sunday. and today his staff told fox there are already 1300 rsvps.
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>> it's a wonderful turnout. thank you so much. >> reporter: today in new york at a reception for small campaign donors, sanders also drew more than 1,000 supporters and declared he's catching fire because the republican debates so far have had very little discussion about the middle class. >> why our campaign is doing well, why it's doing a lot better than people anticipated, is in fact we are talking about the issues -- >> reporter: sanders is also rising because clinton has been pinned down over the e-mail controversy. the conservative group judicial watch has obtaineded a document revealing the state department has asked fbi director james comey to give the department electronic copies of e-mails on the clinton server that may have been deleted but are now being recovered by the fbi. clinton's first debate with other democrats will not be until october 13th. so former maryland governor martin o'malley has accused the democratic national committee of coddling the frontrunner. press today by fox, clinton again refused to demand there be
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more debates than the six already sanctioned by the dnc. >> do you call on the dnc to have more debates? >> i'll be wherever they tell me to be. >> reporter: clinton is not being as pass i've about taking on another potential challenger, vice president joe biden. when clinton was asked by a voter yesterday why she supported a controversial bankruptcy bill as a senator, she blamed biden. >> vice president biden was the senator from delaware. and the republican cosponsor they was talking with said [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: the "new york times" is reporting that behind closed doors with superpac donors, john podesta said biden cannot build an early state organization and is too weak to block clinton from getting the nomination. meanwhile, late today nancy pelosi, the house democratic leader, called for more democratic debates, putting even more pressure on the dnc. bret? >> ed henry live in new hampshire. thank you. russia reaches outs.
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what the country told our defense secretary about its military buildup in syria today. fir's here's what some of our fox affiliates around the current are covering tonight. fox 24 in charleston where a friend of the man accused of killing nine black church goers in charleston has pleaded not guilty today to charges that he lied to police about his knowledge of the crime. 21-year-old joey meek is accused of knowing dylan roof and knowing he was plannings the shootings and then lying about it during questioning. fox 11 in los angeles where police say a qatar national suspected of being involved in a high end sports car speed race along a beverly hills street has apparently left the country. and investigators found his claim that he had diplomatic immunity to be unlikely. the chase between the porsche and ferrari was caught on camera by bystanders. this is a live look at miami from our affiliate fox 7. wsvn. the big story there tonight, the easing of restrictions with cuba. the new regulations loosen travel, commerce, and investment
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restrictions for the island nation. they're set to take effect monday. the white house tonight releasing this photo of president obama on the phone in the oval office with cuban president raul castro today. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report" we'll be right back.
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the u.s. and russia are talking. defense secretary ash carter spoke by phone today with his russian counterpart. did the long distance dial answer questions about russia's involvement in syria. kevin corke. >> reporter: good evening to you. you're right. despite that phone call, quite honestly it seems at least from this vantage point thought may have raised more questions than it provided answers. and there's a reason behind that. because despite russia's proclamations about being defensive in their buildup in
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syria, fox news has learned tonight that that does not appear to be the case. let me tell you what's going on on the ground there. fox news can confirm that we have learned that there are at least russian aircraft, fighter aircraft, on the ground in syria, and as well as at least eight russian attack helicopters which obviously seems to fly in the face of russia's claim their buildup is defensive in nature. as you pointed out, secretary carter did speak with his russian counterpart, sergei shogu. a goal to avoid misstanding between russia and the u.s.-led coalition which is somebody president obama has been pushing for. >> our goal here is to pursue this practical cooperation to try to advance the interests of our anti-is iil coalition and t try touard as much as possible the operations that are under way as a part of that mission inside of syria. >> reporter: obviously safeguard but also avoiding any mishaps or
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accidents which could have massive implications and consequences. i should also point out, bret, we have learned within the hour that the number of syrians trained byes u.s. has now increased to nine. this of course despite spending some $40 million to train them. >> four or five to nine. okay. kevin, the white house is also prepping obviously for next week's papal visit. there are concerns tonight from the vatican about the white house guest list? >> reporter: indeed. no question about that. it's raising a lot of eyebrows. because in addition to the big preparations for the pope, there are expected to be transgender activists invited by the white house. openly gay episcopal bishop, other activists including a nun who leads a group that's been criticized by the vatican for its silence on abortion. press secretary josh earnest said today it would be unwise to draw any conclusions considering there's expected to be about 15,000 people here for the papal
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visit both here at the white house and out back over there on the ellipse. >> kevin corke live on the north lawn. we'll have the pope's visit and cover it all here on fox news channel. president obama is making a historic nomination for a top civilian post. the army secretary, the administration announced a short time ago the president has nominated erici fanning to lead the army. it would make him the first openly gay civilian secretary of one of the military branchs. he's currently the acting undersecretary of the army. ignoring isis intel and a communist-like work environment. those are just some of the allegations leftied at the u.s. central come bamand as the scop the investigation wide. catherine herridge has the story. >> reporter: i know for a fact this was going on in 2012. because i was told by informants this was going on back then. >> reporter: the chairman of the house intelligence committee says the disconnect between the
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grim on the ground reporting about al qaeda as well as isis and the rosy assessments circulating in washington is far more extensive than previously reported. >> we thought this was foolish to pull all of our troops out of iraq. because we thought just from our own work that this would be bad. but the administration was able to say, no, this is what the intelligence says. >> reporter: while mr. obama early last year referred to isis as the j.v. team and al qaeda as quote decimated nunes's suspicions were confirmed by an incident at the command where bin laden bin laden documents were ant lialyzed. he went to florida for a briefing on the documents which was blocked and was told the experts are not available. >> not only were they there they were prepared to brief. somebody's got to answer that question as to why they did not let us have access to those analysts. >> reporter: the same group of analysts who handled the bin laden documents are now lodging complaints about the isis intelligence assessments, that allegedly hyped battlefield
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damage by the u.s. air campaign and minimized the group's resilience. the white house insisted today no one in the administration pressured anyone. >> the inspector general i believe it's a department of defense inspector general that that is considering actions that may or may not have been taken by a range of officials inside the department of defense. i don't think there's any accusations that have been made against the white house officials. >> reporter: the house intelligence armed services and oversight committees are working together now to present a united front and encouraging more whistleblowers to come forward, offering full congressional protections, bret. >> catherine, thank you. more on this with the panel. a bold attack by the taliban at a pakistani military base killed 29 people today. terrorist militants entered the base located on the outskirts of pashal from two different directions, storming a guard room and a mosque inside the compound where they gunned down worshippers during prayers. the attack triggered a fire fight at the base in which several militants were killed. still ahead, migrants stuck
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between a war-torn country and the new life in europe cry out for help. first republican leadership tries to find a solution to a oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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announcer: babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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the house voted today along party lines to freeze federal funding for planned parenthood. to give congress time to fully investigate after the release of those undercover videos. senate democrats, though, are poised to block that bill. so with the clock ticking, will today's house vote be enough to avert a government shutdown showdown with the white house? correspondent doug mcelway is on capitol hill tonight. >> reporter: with only five legislative days left until the federal government runs out of money, the graphic videos of planned parenthood's alleged organ harvesting from living and
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dead fetuses have become a lynchpin in the congressional fight over the budget and a potential government shutdown. >> somehow harvesting the parts from these little baby boys and girls have become a political issue? this is about a horrific act that is repulsive and repugnant. it has no place in america. and america's taxpayers refuse to pay for that type of act. >> reporter: wary of the political costs of their conservative wing's uncompromising stand, the house gop leadership yesterday shared internal polling with members that shows voters would blame the gop for a shutdown. democrats were only too eager to reinforce that perception. >> let's not continue with this deception about what's actually going on here. the republicans just want to shut the government down if we don't defund planned parenthood. that's what they're all about. >> reporter: to further appease conservatives, gop leaders today also brought two bills to the house floor unconnected to the budget. one that would defund planned parenthood for a year, and another that would protect babies born alive after a failed abortion.
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both passed, mostly along party lines. but not before impassioned debate about what planned parenthood really does. >> let's talk about the 400,000 pap smears, the 500,000 breast exams, the 4.5 million std and hiv tests that planned parenthood does each year. now, that's saving lives, and that's the truth. >> 98.5% of all women who go there for a pre-natal service, it is an abortion. there is reason to review how they use taxpayer funding. and we are justified in withholding taxpayer funds until we finish this. >> reporter: today's votes are assured of a presidential veto, and they may not do much to apiece the conservative wing of the party. one member tells us they may mount a challenge to john boehner's speakership perhaps as early as late next week after the pope leaves washington.
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>> doug mcelway, thank you. the abortion provider behind bars for killing babies born alive has been ordered to pay millions in the death of a virginia woman. kermit gosnell must pay 40-month-old to the family of a woman who died from a painkiller overdose in his care. however his lawyers say he is broke and that he and his shuttered clinic dubbed the house of horrors don't have insurance. gosnell was convicted in 2013 for the patient's death and the death of three babies. he's serving a life sentence. environmental regulators are looking into whether volkswagen deliberately skirted clean air rules with some of its diesel cars. the epa says the car company may have used software to turn off emissions controls while driving but turn the controls on when undergoing emissions tests. the agency says the so-called defeat device results in cars emitting as much as 40 times the amount of emissions allowed. stocks end the week in the red. the dow down 290 today, the s&p
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500 down 32, the nasdaq down 67. for the week the dow is down .3%. the s&p 500 was down .15%. the nasdaq was up about .10%. the police community is under a microscope these days. so a simple thank you can go a long way. the grapevine is next.
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. widespread misconduct seems to be an understatement for the census office that's responsible for hiring and doing background checks on employees. the inspector general found quite a list of abuses. 40 current and former employees lied on their time sheets and were paid for nearly 2400 full eight-hour days while doing little or nothing over a four-year period, cover thing taxpayers more than $1 million. employees actively tried to impede the investigation through intimidation. an announcement was made to the entire office that anyone who spoke with the i.g. was a coward and a chicken blank. some officials also lied to investigators which is a federal crime. not done yet. one employee had a sexual interaction with a census
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applicant for whom he was involved in the background check. the census director called the findings inexcusable, adding those involved will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, including possible termination. iran's women's soccer team captain will miss an international tournament because her husband confiscated her passport. under iranian law, a husband can refuse to allow his wife to leave the country. his reported reason for keeping the team captain home? he did not want her to miss their 7-year-old's first day of school. the captain, who is known as lady goal, has called on the country to revise its laws governing married women's travel. finally, a positive story to end the week. we need that. a florida cop walks into a dunkin donuts and feels all eyes are fixed on him because of the negativity surrounded law enforcement officials as of late. but then 7-year-old austin feldman walks up and offers to buy him breakfast in appreciation for his job.
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deputy donny jackson admitted it was a good thing he was wearing sunglasses because he teared up. posting on his facebook page "i really appreciated this kind act by this kid and the fine qualities being instilled in him by his parents." congratulations, austin. more chaos in central europe amid the migrant crisis. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot tonight with how reaction from refugees finding fewer and fewer countries willing to take them in has been anything but calm. >> reporter: the fences are long and high. the police are well equipped and ready for trouble. but so much of the current refugee crisis in europe comes down to one thing, humanity. like this extended family, men and women, young and old, a frail grandmother, a weak and sleeping toddler. they traveled weeks from afghanistan escaping war and strife, only to find themselves detained by hungarian police. >> big problem. big problem.
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i'm engineer. engineer. taliban. >> taliban. >> daesh? >> isis? >> daesh. >> also big problem. >> big problem. >> now you're here in hungary. >> reporter: for this man and his family, a suicide bomber blew himself up alongside their home in damascus, syria. >> but my kids now more than two years they are not happy. there's no school. >> reporter: this is an important time for your children and they're losing its. >> of course. >> reporter: or this young man. he and others remain on the run, shut out of one country, looking for another route. >> we need the people's help, you know? the usa, the u.n. and the european countries right now. they should help us, okay? observers say countries, too have rights to defend their borders, to decide who enters, for those within to obey laws. but experts agree there must be a way to accommodate and allow for people around the world to
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exist. in hungary, greg palkot, fox news. up next, bazy day on the campaign trail, conservatives gather. trump skips. clinton pounces. sanders rallies. a lot of stuff. we'll cover it all next.
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we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. >> right. >> you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question this first question. >> but anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. that's my question. when can we get rid of them. >> we're going to be look at a lot of different things. >> someone brought up that at a town hall meeting of mine i would have said no listen before we answer let's cheer some things up for the rest of the audience. i think you have an obligation as a leader for do that. >> i thought it was a mistake for mr. trump not to set the record straight and challenge the construct of the gentleman's
1:39 am
question. >> i would call on him and call on all of the candidates to stop this descent into the kind of hateful, mean-spirited, divisive rhetoric that we have seen too much of in the last months. it was all the talk on the campaign trail today on the republican side, democratic side. that's why it led the campaign election coverage today. the trump campaign putting out a statement about that question and answer session in new hampshire last night, saying this "the media wants to make this issue about obama. the bigger issue is that obama is waging a war against christians in this country. christians need support in this country. their religious liberty is at stake." now, he was supposed to, trump was, attend the south carolina forum. he pulled out today. another statement from the campaign saying this "mr. trump has a significant business transaction that was expected to close thursday. due to the delay he's unable to
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attend today's heritage action presidential forum. he sends his regrets and looks forward to being with the great people of south carolina on wednesday in columbia." the campaign pressed today by a lot of reporters said that he did not hear the question. all he heard was a question about training camps which he said he would look into. that is all that we got from the campaign. so let's start there with the coverage of the campaigns and bring in our panel. steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. amy walter national editor for the cook commit plit cal report and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. i have a lot of tweets and e-mails. this is a lot to do about nothing. why are you focusing on this? the country has so many bigger problems. it was the focus today, charles. >> the reason people are looking at it is because he's the frontrunner. that was a very nasty question. now, you can explain it away if you didn't hear it he didn't hear it. although a lot of journalists did. second you could say this is a guy who hasn't done town halls.
1:41 am
he does a lot of interviews with the press but hasn't had the free-wheeling atmosphere. i believe this is the second one he ever did. a more practiced politician would have understood or immediately sort of undermined and denied the premise. his problem he could have been dismissed with another politician. the problem is that trump himself had trumpeted, if you like, the birther theories, the idea that he wasn't an american, he wasn't a chris chitian awhil ago. he hasn't as far ace know directly repented that. i think the real issue here is somebody in the press -- he talks to the press every six hours -- somebody in the press should simply say where do you stand on where the president is from and whether he's a muslim. trump dismissed it saying i'm not talk about that. i think now he needs to answer that question and he can simply say, i looked at the evidence and i was wrong. but he doesn't say that very easily. >> amy, this a big deal? >> look, in and of itself, no, i
1:42 am
don't think it's a big deal. i absolutely agree with charles's point which is the bar for him is much higher because of statements he's made both about the president and that he's made about immigrants, he's made about mexicans. he does not get the benefit of the doubt in the way some other candidates would. the second thing just ultimately with donald trump what is going to be the problem for him as we move on in this campaign is whether he wears well. one event is not going to take down donald trump. we've seen that time and time again. it's the collective weight of it. at some point republican voters have to decide if this is the person they want representing them as their nominee, and how much damage is he going to do to the party brand. not just himself but the party brand. before this campaign ends. >> so this is what every pundit i've heard talk today. almost everyone say. who covers politics. a few trump supporters out there speaking that this is not a big
1:43 am
deal. but if it follows other events that everybody says should be a big deal, it goes exactly the opposite way, steve. >> even if people think it's not a big deal, the fact is it's been a big deal all day. as you said in your introduction, the country's facing an entitlement crisis. the middle east is in flames. vladimir putin's on the march. and republicans have spent the better part of the day trying to answer these questions. sure, we can blame the media. i often blame the media. but donald trump has to know that this is the way that this game works. what he's done so far is try to change the game. and he's done it pretty successfully. he's been able to phone in to sunday morning news shows like other candidates don't. he's been able to have people come to trump tower to do interviews rather than traveling to don't views. so he's rewritten the rules to a certain extent. he doesn't get to rewrite this one. i think that's where this is going to cause him some heartburn. >> referring back to john mccain in 2008 and the town hall that
1:44 am
he dealt with a woman who asked a similar type question not exactly the same. in the south carolina forum we're hearing senator ted cruz had a big event down there, well received, big speech. you saw a little bit of ben carson, his humor on display again down there in south carolina. a lot of focus now on carly fiorina. i did an interview with her, asked her about her business at hp as the ceo, a little bit longer sound bite here about her defense of her time at hp. >> what was happening in the technology industry after the bust was consolidation. were we going to be a leader and choose our partners and succeed and grow and prosper again? or are we going to wait until our destiny was determined for us? and i think what leaders do is see things before everyone else does. we clearly did the right thing, because had we not grown our business, expanded our product
1:45 am
line, gone from market laggard to market leader, so many more people would have lost their jobs and we wouldn't have been able to create the jobs we did. >> so when you look back at your time at hp, would you have done anything differently? >> not really. that's not to say that i was perfect. i'm not. we all make mistakes. but the big things i got right. >> she went into detail there. steve, the tough part here is that you can't fit all of that on a bumper sticker. >> right. no. it requires i think voters with a certain level of sophistication and a willingness to engage and to look at all that. look, this is as you said earlier, this is part of what she's going to have to do now. she's now going to be subject to this kind of scrutiny that she was subject to in california when she ran but hasn't really been on a national level. and the question is, how does she handle herself? if history is any guide, recent history is any guide, she'll handle herself pretty darn well. she's been very good at answering questions about her record, about policy, about any number of things. i would expect that she'll continue to be able to do that.
1:46 am
>> democrats and republican opponents were able to really go after mitt romney on a similar outsourcing jobs and the loss of ons in some of those companies. >> this i think is different. i think this is where she's correct. this is not somebody who's buying companies and then restructuring them and laying people off. are going to certainly try to make the same argument. but i think there's a little ptsd on the part -- political ptsd on the part of some republicans who say we had this candidate that had a business background and it was used against him. we can never have this again. every single one of these candidates has problems that are going to be used against them in campaign. they have weaknesses, they have voting records. this just happens to be her obvious weakness. but that's not any different than all the weaknesses all the other candidates have. >> charles. >> the ptsd is not that she has a problem like anybody else would. it's that republicans in the last cycle and now here again are the ones to initiate the attack, to frame the case and to set it up for democrats.
1:47 am
romney was just pummelled for being a vulture capitalist week after week by fellow republicans. it just set him up for the general election. and it's ironic. look of course it would come up. this is a head on attack on somebody who has an attractive persona, if i might use that word, rising in the polls, is big to the american people. on the morning after her introduction she's already under attack started by a fellow republican. >> next up, the friday lightning round.
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i think maybe there is way too big of a bureaucracy between what's happening in the field and then when you get to the top, it becomes a -- not only bureaucratic
1:51 am
but very political. and it's acceptable to politics. >> what the president has repeatedly thought from his national security team is the clear e. and best assessment of what is happening on the ground. that's what the president routinely asks for. and that's what the president has confidence that he has routinely provided by his national security team. >> cooking the books on intel about isis is. the chairman of the house intelligence committee says knows it's been goingen since 2012. because he was told by informant manhattans that it was going on back then. what about all of this? we start the friday lightning round there. we're back with the panel. steve. >> well, i think this is a big deal. this has been a lot of media focus over the past couple weeks. past couple months about intelligence manipulation as it relates it to isis. where you had analysts who provided information provided assessments that said that isis was actually a growing threat and a real danger. and those threats were systematically rewritten to down play the threat from
1:52 am
isis. but most of the media is treating this as a new scandal. my argument is that this isn't a new scandal at all. in fact, it has happened both before with respect to the war on terror but also involving dia and centcom. that goes back to the translation, the exploitation of the documents that were captured in usama bin laden's compound. the same thing happened. those documents, there were games played with them and the administration was arguing at the time that al qaeda was no longer a threat. that it was, in fact, recreating when you had somebody like lt. general mike flynn former chairman of the defense intelligence agency saying at the time that al qaeda had doubled in str nt. i think this is potentially the biggest scandal of the obama' that administration. >> okay. mark it down. amy? >> here we go. well, that is saying something if that indeed does come the cause. it comes on the heals of other bad news. out of the middle east this week about the number of fighters that we have trained. >> that went from apparently 5 to 9. now it's 9.
1:53 am
>> 9 now. >> is 100 percent increase. >> this there we go. i feel that's a lot better. so, this is creating this on top of that. plus now, putin in the region, i mean, we are are now looking at a very messy situation there, which not only is the obama administration going to have to deal with this but, let's face it, this is something that the next president is going to have to deal with. these are the questions that every single one of these candidates is going to have to answer and be more specific in their answers than they have had to be in the past. >> more than new hampshire town hall. charles? >> look. it's absolutely clear that the reality, that's happening in syria. togetherly contradicts everything that the president and high administration officials have said. so, either the intelligence was wrong or the intelligence was deliberately manipulated. that's the only question at stake here, which of those two is true. >> winners and losers. >> my loser, obama for blaming the failed training
1:54 am
program, nine active fighters for half a billion dollars. on his critics, and the -- what the presidential spokesman said obama never wanted to do this in the first place. and this made him do this and now look what is happened. >> hillary clinton one of them. >> exactly. and republicans, of course. i mean, that is the most pathetic defense of a non-strategy i have ever heard. and it's kind of, you know, squealing on the opposition. and whining about it and the winner is bashar al assad who is now propped up by poor -- by russian troops. aircraft helicopters. supporting a losing regime. >> oner and loser? >> you took my winner with carly fiorina. obviously with great debate performance and the question now is not even so much how does she respond to criticism, but can she raise the money that goes along with what has been seen over all as a great night and put the infrastructure together in her campaign.
1:55 am
for the lose are, scott walker. he was a candidate that not long ago was looked upon as the frontrunner and now there are talks looming that may maybe his campaign is going to have a shakeup. donors are upset. his numbers are plummeting. he has got to find a ii act. >> winner is vladimir putin. when he had russian forces move into ukraine, the obama administration said that the punishment would be isolate. he would be isolated, that he would be shunned. we read on the front page of the "new york times" two days ago that, in fact, the u.s. military is considering engaging with with vladimir putin and the russians militarily in syria. my loser, the new york giants who, in a series of mistakes at the end of the game had a chance to steal a road game against the cowboys. three executive mistakes a chance to win and and they won it. >> sorry mike emanuel. stay tuned to see one girl's reaction when her dads tells her just how young is too young to date.
1:56 am
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1:58 am
1:59 am
she did not take it too well when they said she was too young to date. >> >> my boyfriend. >> you don't have a boyfriend. >> i do have my boyfriend. >> you don't have a boyfriend. [crying] >> what's wrong with you? >> daddy, don't want a boyfriend. >> but do you have a boyfriend? >> um. >>um what's his name? >> garrett. >> you don't have a boyfriend. >> i do. >> you are not allowed to have a boyfriend until you are 50. >> i do. >> no. [crying] >> o, oh. send in social services.
2:00 am
>> send in social services. charles krauthammer, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right n keep it tuned to the kelly file. see you then. have a great weekend. how are you doing? >> if you're illegal, you've got to go back. >> i didn't want to, yes. >> more energy tonight. i like that. this election is not just a choice between political parties. it is a generational choice about what kind of country we will be in the 21st century. >> donald trump is an entertainer. i am a leader. we need the strong e military on face of the planet and everyone has to know it. >> did a 55-year-old construction worker in the audience tonight who doesn't have a


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